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You’ll be able to see the things and entire world from a different perspective. This telegram channel emphasizes a lot of traveling and seeing the world differently from a different perspective to uncover the beauty of the world empowered by traveling. You’ll be able to see unique and stunning news via this telegram channel, for example, the alarming and astonishing news like Antarctica just received the highest temperature and that’s 18 degree Celsius. Further, you’ll be able to access the pro tips to be followed during you are out for a travel tour. There will be pro tips different for different regions of the world same as the terrain is different.

  • You'll have best pro travel tips, tricks and hacks.
  • Of no use for non travel guys.
Review Overview

This telegram channel will be so relatable to the Russian guys having an immense interest and passion for enthusiastic outside experience. It might be hard for the people who don’t understand Russian language because the language is Russian but thanks to various translation bots those who provided us to translate the content into your respective languages. Well if see one thing repetitively we start lacking out interest in that thing but not the case here. Here you’ll be able to see mostly travel but a little diverse content that won’t let your interest level drop.



You'll have a complete guide about the travel hacks, so don't forget to follow this channel.
Open for: Worldwide
Number of members: 40k - 100k
Language: English (US)

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